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Tips on How to Decorate Large Business or Public Spaces this Holiday Season 2023

Tips on How to Decorate Large Business or Public Spaces this Holiday Season 2023

The holiday season is the perfect time to transform your business or public space into a festive wonderland. At St. Nick's Christmas Lighting and Decor, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with decorating large areas. Here are some expert tips to help you spread the holiday cheer in your expansive setting.

Craft a Memorable Entryway:

Make a lasting first impression with a warm and inviting façade. Line entryways with pre-lit miniature trees, lanterns, oversized decorations, and enchanting lighted bows. Gradually increase the density of the décor closer to the entrance, drawing customers into the space. Adorn doors and windows with festive wreaths, focal points, and seasonally styled greenery.

Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree Size:

The centerpiece of any holiday display, the Christmas tree sets the tone. Select a tree whose shape and height complement the room's scale. Opt for tall, full-shaped trees in wide spaces with high ceilings. Slim trees work wonders in entryways or corridors. Allow at least 12 inches clearance between the tree's top and the ceiling to accommodate the topper.

Add Dimension with Hanging Décor:

Utilize the often underutilized space near high ceilings by suspending Christmas string lights, decorative garlands, ornaments, and captivating lighted bows from the ceiling or walls. Vary the heights to create a visually engaging contrast that captivates your audience.

Create Focal Points of Interest:

Incorporate eye-catching focal points such as stunning lighted displays or beautifully decorated showcases in strategic locations. These will draw attention and add a touch of magic to your large business space.

Dramatic Stairway Greenery:

Enhance staircases with impressive swaths of greenery garlands, bows, and stockings. Consider the architectural style of the banister and choose decorations that harmonize with it. Maintain consistency in your placement pattern, ensuring a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

Embrace Energy-Efficient LED Lighting:

Illuminate your expansive space with LED lights for lower energy consumption. We offer high-quality LED Christmas lights that are brighter, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lights.

Maintain Consistency in Theme:

In large settings, it's crucial to maintain a cohesive theme to avoid overwhelming your space. Start with the Christmas tree trimmings and use them as the foundation for your interior décor. Keep colors and themes consistent to create a harmonious atmosphere that delights customers and colleagues alike.

With thoughtful planning and coordinated décor, your business space can exude holiday cheer all season long. Our dedicated business support team is poised to assist you in selecting the perfect Christmas tree and decorations for your space. Contact us today to discover the exclusive business discounts available on volume orders. Elevate your establishment with St. Nick's Christmas Lighting and Decor.

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