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The Shops At Rossmoor

Conveniently located in the Orange County Beach Belt (12501 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach, CA 90740), the Shops at Rossmoor offer a fantastic holiday viewing excursion for every Christmas light enthusiast. Approaching vehicles will be pleasantly surprised with an enormous snowflake-infused lighted archway that beautifully accentuates the horizontal skyline with a overstated elegance. It gives deserving guests a positive premonition of the incredible Christmas cheer to come! Also, be sure to  dreamily gaze upon the gold-medal lighted palm trees that surround the perimeter of the shopping center. 

With a wonderful array of dining deliciousness at your fingertips, be sure to bring the whole family for a night of memorable sights, sounds, and scents. We hope to see you there!