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Frame Trees & YOU….In 2022!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Hi Friends,

Are you tired of having to ‘spruce up’ your inventory of pole trees after every season?
Are you sick of poorly constructed tree branches that bend & break all too frequently?
Are your clients ‘pining’ for a GIANT christmas tree that is much bigger than last year?
Giant Christmas Trees in different heights

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, St. Nick’s has got a winning solution to share

Here are just a few of the sizable benefits that a frame tree can offer: They have a much more ‘natural’ and ‘life-like’ appearance.

Frame Trees versus Pole Trees

Frame Trees have a much more ‘natural’ and ‘life-like’ appearance than Pole Trees.
Frame Trees have crush resistant, UV-protected high-strength needles. Pole Trees do not.
Frame Trees are easily upgradeable if you decide you want to “go bigger.” Pole Trees are not.
Frame Trees have an innovative nesting design that allows for compact storage when not in use, whereas Pole Trees are bulky, space-taking monsters.


Frame Trees can be assembled with basic hand tools and no previous experience.
Frame Trees possess the ‘latest & greatest’ LED technology.
Frame Trees come with a 20-year rated steel construction.

If you haven’t considered purchasing a frame tree before now, I think the time has come. Give me a call today to find out just how “BIG” we can go!


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