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10 Creative Office Decorating Ideas for a Merry Christmas

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Picture your office or commercial space aglow with Christmas magic! Lights, colors, and cheery tunes setting the perfect backdrop for productivity and holiday cheer. It's a special atmosphere that turns every workday into a festive adventure! Check out these 10 Creative Office Decorating Ideas!

garland with red and white christmas ball

Studies show that holiday decorations have a positive impact on morale and productivity. They create a sense of comfort and nostalgia, making the holiday season a delightful and stress-relieving time.

And these decorations aren't just ornaments; they're like friendly guides, leading employees and visitors through your space with warmth and goodwill!

10 Creative Office Decorating Ideas

1. Festive Foliage: Start by bringing in some greenery. Consider placing wreaths on doors, garlands along banisters, and poinsettias in key areas. These natural elements not only look beautiful but also evoke the spirit of the season.

Decorated Wreath and Garland

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2. Light It Up: String lights are a must! They add a warm and inviting glow to any space. Hang them around windows, along cubicle walls, or drape them over communal areas. Opt for energy-efficient LED lights for a sustainable touch.

Christmas Lights

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3. Personalized Ornaments: Encourage employees to bring in their own ornaments to decorate communal trees. This creates a sense of ownership and personal connection to the decorations. Plus, it adds a diverse and eclectic touch to the overall decor.

two girls decorating Christmas tree

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4. Brand-Inspired Decor: Incorporate your company's colors into the decorations. This not only ties in your brand identity but also gives a personalized touch to the holiday decor. Consider using ribbons, baubles, or even themed ornaments in your brand's colors.

white ornament

5. Themed Zones: Create designated areas with specific themes. For example, a 'Winter Wonderland' corner with snowflake motifs, or a 'Santa's Workshop' zone with miniature toy decorations. This adds depth and variety to the overall decor.

snowflake arch

6. Interactive Decorations: Set up a 'Wishing Tree' where employees can write down their holiday wishes or goals for the upcoming year. This not only adds an interactive element but also fosters a sense of positivity and community.

christmas tree blue and silver

7. Window Decals: If your office has large windows, consider using festive window decals. These can include snowflakes, reindeer, or even a winter village scene. They're eye-catching from both inside and outside the office.

lit reindeer

8. Desk Decor: Encourage employees to add a touch of holiday cheer to their individual workspaces. This could be through small desktop decorations, miniature trees, or even holiday-themed stationery. It creates a sense of personal celebration within the larger festive atmosphere.

garland with Gold Silver ornaments on top of desk

9. Inclusive Decor: Recognize and celebrate various cultural holidays during this season. Include decorations representing different traditions and festivals to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

Gold christmas tree

10. Life-Size Nutcracker: Make a bold statement by placing a life-size nutcracker in a prominent area of your office. This iconic holiday figure adds a touch of grandeur and whimsy to the decor, becoming a focal point for employees and visitors alike. Surround it with smaller nutcracker figurines for a cohesive theme.

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Simple Tips for Festive Spaces

Ensure every decoration represents your office or commercial space well.

Let decorations spread holiday cheer from the lobby to the conference rooms and beyond.

  • Incorporate your brand colors for a personalized touch.

  • In a large space, opt for bigger decorations for maximum impact.

  • Prioritize safety. Keep walkways clear and ensure all decorations are in good condition.

Spread the Cheer

Decorations aren't just pretty; they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bring the twinkle to your office or commercial space and make this holiday season the most joyful and productive one yet!

With thoughtful planning and coordinated décor, your business space can exude holiday cheer all season long. Our dedicated business support team is poised to assist you in selecting the perfect Christmas tree and decorations for your space. Contact us today to discover the exclusive business discounts available on volume orders. Elevate your establishment with St. Nick's Christmas Lighting and Decor.


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