Founder // Creative Designer

Nicholas has been designing holiday lighting for over 20 years and attends industry trade shows worldwide to stay on top of technological advancements and innovations in the industry. He has strategically grown the St. Nick’s team to successfully handle complex commercial and municipal display projects, claiming a spot among the top commercial holiday decorating companies in Los Angeles County. Nicholas also owns T&G Construction and employs a team of structural engineers, electricians, and other key trades with extremely talented people, which gives him the ability to cost-effectively create designs other companies would not even dare to conceive. He loves saying YES to customers ideas. As the leader of his company, Nicholas has demonstrated a unique ability to build performance teams who meet demanding customer expectations in alignment with the company culture based on personal empowerment, team collaboration, and mutual respect. As a result, St. Nick’s benefits from long-term employees who thrive on big visions, targeted execution and the satisfaction of knowing they give every customer their personal best.

frankie morales

Chief Executive Officer // Sales

Frankie is a true believer in the magic of the holidays and knows how to juggle many bells in the air at once. He is local entrepreneur with a hyperactive right-brain-left-brain understanding of the world, which not only makes him a great leader but also an amazingly creative little Elf. Frankie is not only heading up sales at St. Nick’s but also taking control of operations of Santa’s Workshop. Right after graduating from the University of California at Irvine in 2001, Frankie got catapulted into launching his own Long Beach-based media firm at the ripe age of 25. Since then he has led several teams to success, and has launched many national and regional titles all over the country. He’s optimistic, a problem solver, and maybe just a tad bit OCD — but that’s the exact kind of project manager you want. Frankie is bringing his decades of small business practices and corporate development experience to St. Nick’s and has big plans to take the company to the next level.

Brenda Sheridan

Operations Director

Brenda is an operations and logistics expert with a proven track record lasting more than 20 years. Hailing from Boston, Mass., to her, Christmas means snow… and lots of it. So helping run operations at a Christmas company based in California has been a much smoother feat. 


With a healthy history in developing and managing diverse business enterprises, from commercial real estate to charitable events, Brenda has led many teams to success in accomplishing projects from grand-to-small in scale. Solving creative/difficult operational puzzles is her specialty — and good thing, because Santa’s sleigh has to stay right on course.

Stephanie Escobar

Creative Director

Stephanie’s favorite holiday, much like ours, is Christmas. Her friends have long referred to her as “Elf” because when the season nears, Christmas explodes all around her. So imagine how she feels walking through our office doors every day anticipating our next big project. She has a wand, and creates magic.


With over 15 years of graphic design experience, Stephanie is also constantly continuing her artistic education and really honing in on her craft. When’s she’s not busy working on renderings for St. Nick’s projects, she also has a side hustle illustration business - see more on Stephie.design.


Warehouse // Storage Manager

Felipe has worked in the seasonal commercial décor industry for more than 30 years. You can say he is a jack of all trades but in Santa’s Workshop at St. Nick’s, he’s the ultimate organizer, making sure our team has all the right products in all the right places in order to run an efficient workroom. And boy do we have a large warehouse, after all, not only do we store all of our rental equipment (which keeps growing year after year) but we also safely store all custom sales orders as well. So don’t worry if you don’t have the space to save your holiday displays (large or small), we do – and we’ll keep it all fresh and undamaged until the next season. Felipe is also not only responsible for organizing our warehouse and storage, but also leads product maintenance. You will often find him inspecting and updating all of our trees, ornaments, lights, etc. in order to make sure year after year that your holiday experience is as bright and shiny as magic of the holidays.


Lead Installer // Field Supervisor

Alonzo is one of our awesome team leaders in charge of guiding the St. Nick’s elves with safe installation and removal of our most complicated projects all year-round. He is the kind of installer who treats every project with white gloves expertise. He’s also certified to operate heavy production equipment.

Carlos Vasquez

Lead Installer // Field Supervisor

Carlos is another one of our amazingly talented team leaders in charge of guiding the St. Nick’s elves with safe installation and removal of lighting and décor projects. A family man, he knows how to guide his team and monitor safety, strategic planning and efficient communication. Carlos has a long history of expertise in construction and electrical, as such makes him our most talented team member who leads repairs. Carlos is a true perfectionist who takes extreme pride in his work.

Bret’s has a solid educational foundation with a BS in Architectural Engineering from Cal Polytechnic State University and a Professional Project Management Certification. His solid 27 years of experience in project engineering and project design brings tremendous value to the St. Nick’s team.




St. Nick’s efficient business model and our formulation for financial success depends on long term relationships with a vast array of expert business consultants providing business guidance, legal compliance, management information systems, and public relations.  We value our experts and nurture long-term relationships.  As a result, we are able to deliver the types of expert service normally associated with larger companies within a cost efficient and stable business model.

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